The Facts and Figures on Cellular Phone Radiation!

The Ten Lowest Radiating Cell Phones (US)

Maximum Absorption is 1.6 w/kg Averaged in 1 gms of Tissue (IEEE\ANSI)

  Manufacturer & Model   SAR rating W/Kg

  Motorola MPx200   0.2
  Motorola Timeport L7089   0.22
  Qualcomm pdQ-1900   0.2634
  T-Mobile Sidekick   0.276
  Samsung SGH-S100   0.296
  Samsung SGH-S105   0.296
  Sony Ericsson Z600   0.31
  Mitsubishi G360   0.32
  Siemens S40   0.33
  Motorola ST7790   0.34


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