The Facts and Figures on Cellular Phone Radiation!

The Ten Highest Radiating Cell Phones (EUROPE)

Maximum Absorption is 2 w/kg Averaged in 10gms of Tissue (ICNRP)

  Manufacturer Model SAR rating W/Kg

  Sony Ericsson T650 1.80
  Sony Ericsson W880i 1.45
  Nokia E51 1.40
  Sony Ericsson W950i 1.35
  Sony Ericsson Z610i 1.32
  Sony Ericsson K810i 1.31
  Sony Ericsson W610i 1.31
  Sony Ericsson W660i 1.27
  Sony Ericsson K550i 1.25
  LG + Nokia KU250 + N5700 1.24


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